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Lamayuru - Padum trek in winter

     I was in Ladakh last winter - in Jan 2014 - and managed to do the Sham trek as well as the Markha valley trek up to the last village. Some photos of that trip can be found on my website (see this and the following photos). This winter I decided to try trekking to Zanskar.
Stage 1: Lamayuru - Sumdo over Pringkiti La (Prinkti La); 19 Dec 2014
Lamayuru on the day of my arrival from Leh
On the way to Pringkiti La (Prinkti La) en route from Lamayuru to Shilla
Pringkiti La (Prinkti La), about 3749m
The Shilla Village
The bridge over Photong Togpo marking the beginning of the Askuta Way to Photoksar

Stage 2: Sumdo - Photoksar; 20 Dec 2014
Rock peaks above the Photong Valley
The way from Sumdo to Photoksar along the Photong Togpo via Askuta - so called Askuta Way or Askuta Short-cut
Finnal climb to the Photoksar village

Stage 3: Photoksar - Sengge La Pulu (Shelter in the Sengge La Base Camp); 21 Dec 2014
Photoksar as seen from the way to the Bumitse pass
Bumitse La (about 4430m)
Sengge La (ca. 4954'.$npm.') - as seen from the Bumitse pass
Winter landscape of Ladakh on the way towards Sengge La
Sengge La Pulu - the shelter in the Sengge La Northern Base Camp
My bivouac inside the shelter

Stage 4: Sengge La Base Camp to Gongma; 22 Dec 2014 - Ladakhi Losar Day
View towards the pass on my departure from the shelter. Not an encouraging weather. The pass is not visible.
Prayer flags on the top of the Sengge Pass (about 4954 m.a.s.l.)
Poor visibility on the way down towards Gongma; cold. Somewhere near to Ghazo (Sengge La Southern Base Camp).
The Gongma Village

Rest and the Losar celebration in the Gongma village; 23-24 Dec 2014
Landscape around the Gongma village
A house in Gongma
An evening view from Gongma

Stage 5: Gongma - Lingshed; 25 Dec 2014
Landscape around Gongma - a morning view
Mountains above the Gongma village - a morning view
Morning views from Gongma
The Gongma Village as seen from the way to Lingshed
Chorten above Gongma on the way to Lingshed
Winter Ladakh - landscape surrounding the way between Gongma and Lingshed
The Zanskar Mountains
The way between Gongma and Lingshed
The way between Gongma and Lingshed
Chorten above Lingshed
Lingshed Gompa (monastery)
The Lingshed Village

Stage 6: Unsuccessful attempt to cross Hanuma La; 26 Dec 2014
The beginning of the ascent from the Hanuma La Base Camp to the Hanuma pass
A view from the way to the pass - Barmi La can be seen here
Early winter in Ladakh
Keep on ascending
Steeply up
It is still far to the pass. Very steep. Cold.
I turned back at this point. Had no strength to continue the climb.
A view from the point where I turned back, some 100-150m below the Hanuma La (Hanamul La)
View from the minor pass which is on the way to Lingshed
On the return to Lingshed. It is still far to the village - the monastery can be seen: the white object surrounded by grey rocks
The sun was setting when I finally got back to Lingshed

Rest and the Losar celebration in the Lingshed village; 27-31 Dec 2014
Hanuma La (Hanamul La; about 4757 m.a.s.l.) as seen from Lingshed - the pass is just left of the mountains which is behind the ridge
Lingshed people in the Losar festive moods
The Lingshed Monastery (Lingshed Gompa)

Stage 7: Lingshed - Lingshed Do, Lingshed Do - near to Kilima and Kilima - Hanumir; 1 Jan 2015
Early morning of the Jan the 1st. Me and Lobsang, who agreed to guide me on the Chadar Trek (the frozen Zanskar river trek) to the head of the road in Zanskar, are leaving the Lingshed village.
Well frozen Zanskar River - Chadar Trek
The Zanskar River
The Zanskar Valley near to Kilima - the road under construction and a machine can be seen on the right
The wide Zanskar Valley, the partially frozen Zanskar River and the Hanumir Village (Hanamur / Hanumil) on the opposite side

Stage 8: Hanumir - Pishu; 2 Jan 2015
Fantastic views on the way between Hanumir and Pishu - the fantastic Zanskari light!
Approaching Pishu in the late afternoon

Stage 9: Pishu - Karsha, Karsha - Padum; 3 Jan 2015
Fantastic colours of rock above the Pishu village
The side-valley leading to Stongde Pass. Zanskar.
Padum in distance and cloud covered peaks of the main range of the Great Himalayas
The Karsha Gompa (monastery)
Peaks above Padum
The Stod (Doda) River near to the bridge below Karsha. This river joins Tsarab Lingti (Lingti Chu / Lungnak / Tsarab) a bit further and forms Zanskar river.
I went by car from this place to Padum (remaining few kilometres).
The Zanskar Valley with the Pibiting shrine in the middle on the next day after my arrival in Padum - the late afternoon view from a place near to the Stagrimo Monastery

You may see more photos of my travels in the photoblog on my website. See also my updates on Twitter, my photoblog page on FaceBook and my Ladakh website.

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  1. okrutne, ale tu oglada sie najlepiej...

  2. Beautiful pictures. I wasn't aware that it was possible to trek there on winter times.

    Now, thanks to the one picture along the Photong Tokpo, I understand why donkey men at Photaskar weren't willing to follow me on the Askuta short-cut. Impressive path!