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Delhi-Leh GoAir G8-193 flight on 12th Dec - fantastic views

Fantastic views during the Delhi-Leh G8-193 GoAir flight by AirBus A320 on Dec the 12th. Another beautiful flight on this route for me! It was cloudy most of the way above the Himalayas with occasional views of snowy peaks. Finally it got relatively clear above Ladakh. Superb vistas: Tso Kar lake, Rupshu, Moray Plains, a section of the Manali-Leh road, boundless mountains of Ladakh. The Indus Valley, Matho village with its monastery and Stok village with the palace. Leh and the runway of the airport.
Having the two flights to Lukla behind me this year and a few flight to Leh, I must admit, that landing in Leh is not much less (if at all) exiting than landing at the famous Lukla. And the views are marvellous! Quite better than during the Lukla flight, for me.


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